I could not be more excited for Owen Pallett’s next album, In Conflict. Here’s a lyric video for “On A Path” for which artist Steve Kedo stayed in Pallett’s house for a whole week and photographed every object in it, leading to some Fischli & Weiss-type amazingness.

"Building on the hype of “Platoon” and “The Heat,” the secretive UK act Jungle has dropped another great new tune on SoundCloud, and it has us frothing at the mouth with anticipation. “Busy Earnin’” showcases a bigger sound commensurate with the now seven-piece (!) band that will be touring Europe with the great HAIM in March. Don’t worry though, because Jungle is sure to also wow in-crowds all over the U.S. for a quick tour around their SXSW appearance later that month.”