Kiesza ushers in another great 90s revival, ‘Haddaway-style’, as one YouTube commenter has it.

And another one stolen from Fabian: Ben Khan’s grooves and looks make him a synthier, male Lana Del Rey.

My Tumblr turned 6! And what better way to celebrate than with the powerful choreography and epic balladry of Sia’s “Chandelier”.

My love for Kiwi teen pop has no chance against Broods’ “Bridges”, especially considering the video’s teen drama.

I could not be more excited for Owen Pallett’s next album, In Conflict. Here’s a lyric video for “On A Path” for which artist Steve Kedo stayed in Pallett’s house for a whole week and photographed every object in it, leading to some Fischli & Weiss-type amazingness.